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The Sea area has one of the best reefs accessible from the beach, no need to take a boat, just jump in and enjoy. This feature has made the park one of the favorite places for visitors that want to learn to Scuba Dive or Snorkel. It ́s crystal clear waters, perfect depth, minimal current, and abundant sea life provide safety and tons of fun. Our Snorkel and Scuba School has been in Chankanaab since the 50 ́s. It was founded by Mr. Ramon Zapata Novelo, it ́s a family business and we are already training the 4th generation of Zapata Scuba Instructors. Thousands of friends and visitors have trusted us to be their guides to Cozumel’s Submarine wonders. In the late 70́s, my grandfather decided to submerge the Guadalupe Virgin bronze statue in the area for the divers and snorkelers to visit. Now,it ́s accompanied by the statue of  The Christ, original spanish cannons that were recovered in sunken boats, as well as a replica from the Mayan Rain God Chaac.

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Chankanaab is the perfect place to enjoy your day in Cozumel, it has an archeological area with more than 60 replicas of the mesoamerican lapidary art laid out in a tropical garden with more than 350 types of plants coming from more than 20 countries besides the island ́s endemic vegetation. The “Mayan House” offers a glimpse into the cultural past of the peninsula; it ́s construction style, the way to farm, and even an opportunity to try a fresh hand-made tortilla. Other attractions in the park include Tequila tasting, Temazcal, Laser Tag, Massages, Fish Spa, Restaurants, Sea Trek, Snuba, Gift Shops, and the Marine Mammals area, where you can enjoy the sea lion show (included in admission fee) and even participate in dolphin and manatee activities. The huge beach area with its white sand is decorated with palm trees and “palapas” (Beach umbrellas made from grass) and beach chairs to rest and relax. On the north side of the beach, there is a shallow bay that is ideal for the kids to play in the sea.

There are different restaurants and snack bars located throughout the beach so that you are always close to a refreshing beverage. Waiters will also be happy to serve your orders under your palapas if you prefer. At the south end of the park, you will find the famous “Quebrada” cave, which has been the object of exploration, scientific investigations and even featured in national and international TV shows (National Geographic, Discovery Channel). Its underwater tunnels extend for over 6 miles and bring huge freshwater volumes directly from the jungle to the Caribbean sea. During the scuba tour, we visit the cave ́s entrance (cavern) to see the halocline formed by the mixing of fresh and saltwater. Swimming through those tunnels is a memorable experience and a memento that will surely be talked about in many friends and family reunions. Chankanaab Park is synonymous with adventure, nature, fun, tranquility, and safety, all in one place for you and your family to enjoy, it ́s also a part of a conservation area whose income is destined to community development through kids scholarships, environmental programs, cultural and sports activities and many other necessities of Cozumel and Quintana Roo.


Entrance : $26 USD adult / $18 USD child

Kids under 3 years are FREE & 12+ years old pay adult price


Operating Schedule: Monday to Saturday 8:30 to 5:00


  • Park Admission Includes:

  • Sea Lion Show

  • Beach chairs & Beach Palapas (huts)

  • Hammocks

  • Prehispanic replica area

  • Mayan House

  • Tropical Garden

  • Life Jackets

  • Kids Beach Area

  • Tequila Area

  • Bathrooms & Showers

Recommendations: Towel, Sunglasses, Hat

UV Protection water shirt, Camera,


Observations: With the objective of protecting the reef and the sea life, the use of sunblock or suntan lotions is not permitted.