Snorkel Tours

Cielo + Cielito + Colombia + Palancar

Moderate Physical Activity  |  Good for Beginners  |  8 years old +

Duration: Approximately 4 hours.

Minimum age is 8 years old. 

Operating Schedule: 10:30 am & 2:30 pm (Monday to Saturday)

Requirements:Good Health. (Fill a Medical Questionnaire and a Liability release form) Know how to swim. Moderate physical activity (walking/swimming). 

Cozumel is part of the Mesoamerican Great Barrier Reef, which is the second-largest in the world. Coming to the island and not snorkeling is like if you never came. Colombia Reef is one of the best snorkeling reefs in the world. On this shared tour, you will join other adventurers who want to enjoy the amazing underwater world. We will visit the already famous Cielo to swim with starfish and relax on a sandbar (Cielito) walking in waist-deep, turquoise waters many times accompanied by very friendly grey stingrays. Snorkeling is done on the most important reefs of the island, Colombia and Palancar are filled with different kinds of coral, fish, turtles, rays, and lobsters, you will be able to see first-hand why Cozumel is worldwide renowned for its marine ecosystem and impressive coral formations. In the latest years, it has become the #1 boat tour on the island, don't overthink it, make your reservation today! 

Includes: 3 snorkel locations, bottled water, juice box, 2 beers, and snorkel equipment. 

Meeting Point: Marina Fonatur 

Prices: $50 USD Adult   |    Child 8 - 10 years $40 USD   (Marine park bracelet $5 USD at the time of check-in.)

Chankanaab Park & Snorkel

Park Entrance  |  Beach Club  |  Protected Area for Snorkel

Park Hours: Monday to Saturday 8:30 to 5:00

Besides all the land attractions, Chankanaab Park has a big snorkel area accessible directly from the beach with different entrances into the sea that are strategically located along the coast. There are some coves where you will be able to make foot and others where it will be needed to swim right away. The zone is blessed with reef formations and marine gardens which hold fish communities, crustaceans, mollusks, and coral. You will not need to go far to enjoy them. Along the coast sea fans and other soft coral grow abundantly. In the central area, bigger coral formations are the home of grey snapper shoals, and for those who can dive down, it ́s common to find lobster, king crab, moray eels, stingrays, and countless shrimp and other small species.


Sunken Statues of the “Guadalupe” Virgin, the Christ, the Mayan rain god Chaac, original Spanish cannons are located on the sandbars. The average depth is 21 ft, visibility is over 60 yards almost every day of the year, so it gives us the chance to observe the marine life perfectly from the surface. The maximum depth inside the buoyed area is 30 ft, nevertheless, there are also snorkeling spots in less than 9 ft. Depending on the season, we get visits from turtles and eagle rays that seek an easy meal on the seagrass and sandbars before getting back to the deeper reefs. The whole snorkel area is buoyed to protect swimmers and has 3 floating platforms to rest or sunbathe.


With the objective of protecting the reef and the sea life, the use of sunblock or suntan lotions are not permitted. It is suggested for you to use UVprotective water shirts. Chankanaab offers us the perfect combination to enjoy nature comfortably and safely. It is a place to get into the water several times a day.

Includes: Park Admission Bracelet, Snorkel equipment rental, Sea Lion Show, Beach chairs, Beach Palapas (huts), Hammocks, Prehispanic replica area, Mayan House, Tropical Garden, Beach Area, Life Jackets, Tequila Area, Bathrooms, and Showers. 

Adult (12+ years old) $30 USD  |   Child $23 USD

Image by Francesco Ungaro