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How to Defog Your Scuba/Snorkel Mask

Defog your scuba mask.
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Have you ever wondered why your scuba/snorkel mask seems to always fog up even if you use a defogging spray or the old toothpaste, dish soap, and/or spit method? Most of us don't know that when you purchase a new mask that it has a protective silicone film on the inside that has to be removed. There are very simple, easy, and FREE ways to ensure that your mask won't continue to fog up. This is not only annoying but can be potentially dangerous during a dive.

Once you have safely removed the film, there are additional things you can do to prevent fogging during your time in the water.

Tip #1

With all the methods that we suggest, your mask needs to be completely dry before any treatment!

Here is how to remove the protective film when your mask is brand new:

Tip #2

Because your mask is made of tempered glass it's important to continuously move the flame while you are burning it, avoiding getting too close to the silicone/rubber as it will melt.

*Keeping the flame too long in the same place might cause the surface to break. *Keep the mask away from your face and as an extra precaution, use protective eyewear in case it does break.

*It might be necessary to repeat the burning process more than once.

Tip #3

Use a soft towel to wipe away the black soot. DO NOT rinse in water until it has completely cooled or it will cause it to shatter.

Tip #4

Before each use, especially after a long period of non-use, it's a good idea to coat your mask with white toothpaste, let it dry for a couple of hours, and then wash with gentle dish soap.

Tip #5

Instead of buying expensive commercial defoggers, there is an inexpensive DIY (DO It Yourself) solution! Find any spray bottle (you can reuse one that you already have as long as you thoroughly clean it beforehand) and fill it with 10% dish soap and the rest with water. Pack this with your gear and apply and rinse your mask before entering the water.

How to defog your mask underwater:

Though there are many options for defogging your mask, these 5 simple tips are all you need to ensure that your mask stays clear throughout your time in the water!

If you are having issues with the fit of your mask watch the video below!

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